SEO (Organic) vs PPC (Inorganic)

There has been always a debate on what is better for business. As far as our experience goes in Digital Advertising, we recommend paid marketing over SEO.

The current Google Update reflects 4 results at the top taking away almost 70% traffic.

So in order to get more leads for business, we got to focus on top results.

This does not mean that we should Stop SEO, keep working for extra leads.


1. SEO stands for Search engine optimization.
2. You don’t have to pay anyone for organic traffic.
3. Limited keywords can be targeted in one Go.
4. We cannot target or rank worldwide on the same keywords. Not that easy.
5. You are lucky, if you get the 1 st position on a specific high search volume keyword.


1. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click.
2. Get more leads by bidding to stay in the 1st position.
3. Target and get leads from any country worldwide.
4. Choose and target with any number of keywords.
5. Real-time tracking of keywords and other ad performances.
6. You can increase your brand awareness in a short period.
7. Budget can be easily managed.

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